Dreamer, Doer, Entrepreneur- I am Kirstyn

Meet SOShalite Kirstyn Yanniello. Passionate about beauty, family, friends and healthy living she is sure to make you laugh and try something different. To find out more visit www.soshalclub.com. #SOShaliteI’m a dreamer and doer, better known as an entrepreneur.  My name is Kirstyn Yanniello, I am so happy to meet you! I have multiple businesses and just as many personalities to go along with each of them. For the most part, I am upbeat and live life with passion with everything I do. My nicknames are Wiggles, KY and the The Hair Fairy.

I was born a feisty Leo with ants in my pants.  By the age of three, my Mother had already showed me how to dress myself and to make my own breakfast. Recognizing my innate need for keeping busy, Mom occupied me with sports, arts and crafts throughout my childhood. Athletics and art make for an odd combination, but strangely that’s what ignited my passion for hair at such a young age. I would make my Mother braid my hair for every basketball game. I can also be a perfectionist and OCD from time to time, so I would be very upset if she left any bumps in my hair. Sarcasm also runs in my family, so one smart remark later, I was forced to learn how to braid my own hair. Soon after that the Barbie head with the shoulders arrived and that was the beginning of my career as a hair stylist.(if you were a child born in the 80’s you know exactly what I am talking about)

SOShalite @kirstynyanniello and her family at their Christmas pajama party. Find out more family traditions at www.soshalclub.comMy Dad works hard, he has for as long as I can remember.  I blame him for my inherited inability to “step away”. I remember him telling me, “work to live, don’t live to work”.  So amusing coming from a fellow workaholic, I still can’t help but laugh at the man in the mirror. I have the pleasure of working with my younger brother for the past decade, and I honestly couldn’t imagine the journey without him. My older sister has given me the world in so many ways, but I cherish my title as an Aunt the most. I have always admired my sister, watching her raise her three beautiful sons changed my whole view on life. We are a “Nit Normal” crew I wouldn’t trade in for the world, and have inspired my writing in so many ways.SOShalite @kirstynyanniello and fiance Tom with their pup Charlie Brown.

We all have the family we were born with, and the other family, we cultivate through love.  My personal little family includes my best friend of a decade, (soon to be husband) Tom, and our perfect 6 year-old pup Charlie Brown. I am obsessed my 75 pound lap dog, and we have a lot of adventures to share. Tom and I live life to capacity; we are constantly trying new things, meeting new people, and traveling together. What I love the most about my fiance is the way he can make me disconnect to enjoy the little things in life. He makes me laugh, complete and helped me find my faith.

My blogs will be about the things I love in life. I love to do little projects around my house.  I like to save time, cook, garden, sew, pour cocktails, and throw a good themed party. My passion is beauty, and I love it ALL. Make-up, fashion, hair; my career allows me to enjoy all aspects. I work as a stylist at Figo Salon, brand creator/developer for LOX Studio and LOX Extensions, educator, and on-air spokeswoman for LOX on HSN.

SOShalite @kirstynyanniello on air HSN selling @loxstudio #loxstudio #beautybykirstyn

I am inspired to chase my dreams, and I am thankful for my journey and positive outlook. I love to share inspiration with others. I enjoy building upon relationships in all aspects of my career. As Artists, we are blessed with the ability to transform the inner and outer spirit. We created SOShal Club to Share Our Secrets and special experiences with you, as if you were our salon guest!

Now that you know about us, we can’t wait to meet you. Stay SOShal with us and connect to the links below. Feel free to reach out to getsoshal@soshalclub.com anytime with ideas, questions, or just to say hi! We can’t wait to Share Our Secrets with you! Cheers SOShalites!

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