Life, Love, Laughter, Lana

me and liliI love a  good laugh!  So when it came time to tell everyone about myself, it was pretty hard to be serious. It’s only as I started writing that I zeroed in on the things that make me…well Me.  I narrowed it down to these things life, love, laughter. So here I am

Hi, my name is Lana. I’ve always felt pretty lucky since I think I won the lottery in the name department. As the  youngest of 10 children, my parents were scraping the bottom of the barrel when looking for names, but I am super glad they got creative. It’s too bad that whenever you hear the name Lana in a book or movie, she is always a slut or a home wrecker! Luckily my parents gave us all a firm foundation to grow on. (Sooon no, not a home wrecker)IMG_0606

My parents are both from Kentucky and relocated to the north after WWII for a steady job and to raise their family. So I am a northerner with deep southern roots. As the youngest, I could rarely get a word in, I was always thought of as shy and I probably was, but who could tell in that mob! Either way my  personality has always been a little quirky and my sense of humor is something not everyone gets, but thankfully my friends pretend to. I’ve been known to make up words while looking for the right one, yeah, proper English has never been my strong suit either. So don’t be suprised if I go all rogue and make stuff up now and then.shannon, lana and honeybabe

My parents were very frugal and taught us to recycle and reuse before it was a thing.  They loved antiques and would both spend time restoring, refinishing and repurposing their many  finds. Because of this I love crafts and DIYs and will tackle anything.  I love being creative, and if I don’t know how to do something, ,well, I’ll just wing it and pretend the result was what I intended all along. Sometimes I love it even more because of the weird imperfections!

I also love to bake and learned to cook large meals from my mom. To this day I will choose cooking for a crowd over cooking for myself. Entertaining is my thing, I love feeding people and I will use any excuse for throwing a party, bbq or get together.  One thing I’ve learned when entertaining a crowd is to embrace short cuts and to make food and drinks that are easy clean up (Did I mention I hate to do dishes?) I also love making cool cocktails! When I entertain, I like to have a signature drink or two for everyone to try out. I hope you will enjoy my blogs and give my  DIYs or recipes a try. Please share them with your friends too, I hope to put a little something different out there for everyone! 007