Fab Fall makeup trends!

 Hello all! As you can clearly see, Fall is here! That means I am beyond excited to share and show my favorite fall makeup looks, along with what’s trending for the season! I will also add in some of my favorite products I use to create my look, and some good tips to achieve the look yourself! Keep on reading, this will be good.image For the first look,funk it up with this fiery pop of red, smokey, seductive eye! Perfect for any night out or evening event! The products used to create this look: Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion, Kat Von D shade light pallet, ALMAY liquid liner, Ardell false lashes, Lime Crime (velveteen), MAC, and Anastasia Beverley Hills dip row in color chocolate.

  1. I cover my eyes with Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion to prep them for my shadow which will help itMakeup Trends- SOShal Club last all day long.
  2. With the Kat Von D shadow pallet using the “warm quad” of colors, I apply the color “Ludwin” all over my lid which is a warm kind of salmon color that will help define my eyes to this sexy smokey look.
  3. To highlight my eyes, which will be the areas on my brow bone and inner corner, I will apply the “Latinus” shadow.
  4. After highlighting I begin to work in the color “Succubus” to my lid, which is the fiery color that will tie this look together!
  5. Ending the shadow portion, I will work the color “Shax” into my outer corner while blending it in as well as I can in circular motions. Blend to your liking.

I like to think that the cat eye trend will never die, and this sassy fall look is your next step. I like my wing a little more severe so I’ll go into the direction of where the end of my eyebrow is, not meaning start the wing there and go down meaning drop your hand below the crease of your eye in the direction of where the end of your eyebrow is and work inward.

Then, I’ll apply some “Ardell” false lashes to enhance the look! Moving on to the main area to make up the face, with the Anastasia Beverley hills dip brow onto my eyebrows to fill them in making them thicker and more full looking. Thick, wispy brows are in ladies FYI! Ending this look with my all time favorite matte lipstick called “Wicked” by Lime Crime which is only sold online but is a must have product! The look is complete!


Now moving onto a more subtle yet sexy look for the fall! This look will tone it down but still keeping that sassy flair to your style. For this look the products used are Urban Decay naked BASICS pallet number 2, Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow in chocolate, MAC lipstick color (Whirl), and Loreal miss manga rock mascara.Fall Makeup Trends- SOShal Club2

  1. Starting off again with prepping the eye all over with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, no matter what occasion, I always prep my eyelids with this product!
  2. Then using the Urban Decay naked BASICS pallet number 2, shadow color “Skimp” to highlight the areas of my eye located on my brow bone slightly below my eyebrow, and the inner corner of my eye close to the tear duct.
  3. Next using the shadow color “Stark” on my lid, to brighten my eyes up.
  4. Finishing off with the color “Cover” mixed with a small amount of “Primal” blended all into my crease area! This will help the eyes look more defined and dressed up!
  5. Finishing off the eyes with one of my all time favorite drug store mascara’s by Loreal called “Miss manga rock” mascara! This is a must have for any ladies with a champagne taste but a beer budget. With this mascara a couple of strokes goes a long way so proceed with caution! Moving onto eyebrows we will use Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow all buffed into the brow. I feel the brows should be exaggerated with this look because what is fall time without thick dark brows and a deep set lip? Talk about lips we will complete the look with the lipstick color “Whirl” by MAC cosmetics!

Onto my final yet favorite look to bring out the season! More glamor to this more severe contoured eye added with some daring lips that I can not and will not get over! This is your girls day to night out look! Products used to achieve this look include Urban decay, Ardell false lashes, Lime Crime,, scotch tape (I’ll explain), and Anastasia Beverley hills!

  1. To start off this look I took an inch and a half piece of scotch tape, went in the direction of the arch of my brow down to the edge of my eye. This will help keep it clean for this statement look. Then beginning to prep my eyes, of course yet again, with Urban Decay primer potion all of my eyelid. Adding in the shadow with my favorite pallets this time of year by Urban Decay naked BASICS number one and two.
  2. Starting off with the color from the first basics pallet called “Foxy” and with that I will blend it all over my eye as my base color.
  3. For my highlighting color to brighten my eyes will be from the same pallet called “Venus”, and that will go below my brow on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eye!
  4. Then adding the color “Frisk” from Urban Decay basics two pallet. All into the crease of my eye. Making sure everything is blended well and there is no hard lines.
  5. I will finish it off with the color “Undone” from the same pallet and work and blend that onto the outer corner of my eye! Working the scotch tape placed by my outer corner, blending the darker shadow as well as possible from my eye to were the scotch tape starts. Removing the tape creating a perfectly clean line, showing a more daring sharp edge for a dramatic shadow look! Final for the eyes, applying Ardell false lashes on the more dramatic side to enhance the look! To compete this on trend look we will use Anastasia Beverley hills on the brows, overdrawing them just slightly to create a thicker more bold brow! I shouldn’t have said this look was completed without explaining the amazing lip color by Lime Crime called “black velvet”! This lip color is so matte and smooth you’ll be hooked as soon as you apply it! I also show a nude set eye only to show that dark lips and natural eyes are so in this fall and because I love how chic it looks!

Hope you enjoyed my own top 3 trending makeup looks for fall! Hopefully you can try them out for yourself and make them your own! You can find all of the products I used at Sephora, MAC, Lime Crime.com,Target or any drugstore for the eyeliner and mascara! Be the beauty guru you’ve always wanted to be! Make sure to subscribe to our blog and please connect with us on Social Media for more fun pics and tricks in the beauty world! Also, feel free to leave us a comment below for some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated!