Fall/Winter Hair Trends– “Femme Fatale of Funk”

The fashion trends of this season showcase a level of sophistication that is both dangerous and mysterious, and this heavily influences the beauty world. Enjoy our look book of the most in demand hair trends this season, and for our stylist we have some helpful how-tos and pro tips.  Here are the latest and greatest of fall/winter looks in hair color.

Hair Color TrendsFatale Of Funk SOShal Club Haircolor Trends, The fashion trends of this season showcase a level of sophistication that is both dangerous and mysterious. Here are the latest and greatest of fall's hottest hair trends.

Shadowing: Inspired by the mysterious color palette this technique involves strategically placing deeper colors under lighter pieces, in areas of the hair around the head. The areas are selected to make the hair look lit in a dim blue light. 

*Pro Tip- Your lightest and darkest shade should be at least 3 levels different, and your dark section should be 3 times bigger than the light. Apply these sections back to back, and feather the ends lightly with the dark shade using heavy saturation on the top to middle, and the lighter shade use more saturation on the middle to ends. Rinse the lightener first and emulsify the entire thing with the left over dark mixture for 1-3 minutes or until desired tone is reached.

Paneling: Panels of leather, suede and fringe rocked the runways, and we take it one step further with hair. This technique can give you a fun pop of color just around the face. Its a great way to deepen up before going all out, or stop there for a perfect happy medium!

*Pro Tip- Apply base color and comb down 1-3 inches from the scalp. Section out the front in a triangle section from the apex to the recession line and clip away. Saturate the ends on the entire back and underneath section with the base color. Drop down the triangle, and free hand balayage or color melt using lightener.

Incognito: A way to tone down your signature blonde hair that kept you in trouble all summer long. Transition with the colors of fall, this soft progression from front to back is this seasons new way to ombre.

*Pro Tip- Apply a deeper base color around the entire new growth with clean thin sections. Take a radial parting from ear to ear, 1 inch underneath the control point, pull through the base color. Use Diagonal 1/2 inch sections and slowly saturate less distance from the root with the dark color, and saturate more distance from the ends to the root using the lightener. Front most section should be the brightest, and less root.


The hair color palette like fashion, is seasonally dictated by Pantone Color Inc. The majority of the shades lean on the cool side of the spectrum this season. Colors including; Desert Sage, Stormy Weather, Dried Herb, and  Reflecting Pond are grey, green and blues. 

 Biscay Bay and Amethyst Orchid are muted brights contrast to the only true warm shade in the palette the Cadmium Orange.

Hues like Cashmere Rose and Marsala are cooler toned reds, and Oak Buff a cooler gold, two shades which typically share the warm characteristic in the fall.

Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads and Unicorns, enjoy hues of the shades listed above as a low light, or overall glaze to tint your hair trends of the season. Make sure to subscribe to our blog, and connect with us on Social Media for more tips on fashion and beauty trends. Let us know what you think by commenting below. Check back for our Makeup and Hairstyle Blog, and if you missed the Fashion Trends of a Femme Fatale of Funk click the links below. Thanks for checking us out!