Your New Years beauty resolution!

Beauty trends of 2016, try the look. Champagne Toast-makeup tutorial SOShalClub. www.soshalclub.comThe new year is almost here and I would like to share a fresh look to try for your events to come, or even after! Have one of your resolutions this year be your beauty  routine, trying the trends of the new year! Stand by on some helpful tips and tricks to accomplish your makeup goals for 2016! 






The look: Contoured slightly sparkly eye with more elongated natural brow and glossy lip!

The product’s: Urban decay smokey pallet, Anastasia Beverley hills brow dip in color chocolate, Makeup Forever white pencil liner.



  1. Start with using an eyeshadow primer all over the eye, in this case I used the primer position by urban decay. Then beginning with the shadow, you can use whatever shadow you have! Using light colored shadow with a slight shimmer is good to use as a highlight to your best features on your eyes! Those being your brow bone, and corner of your eye by your tear duct as you see in the photo above!
  2. Moving onto the lid area trying neutral tones can be very flattering to any look! I used more of the brownish grey to just give more of a matte finish! Neutral colors are always good for everyday looks and they can be dressed up for late night events! In the crease I used a brown color to give that blended shadow affect, and added some golden shimmer shadow to make it fancy! Adding shimmer into the crease of your eye gives a more  glamorous effect without over doing it!
  3. Then finishing it off with a darker grey color from the  outer crease blending inward to the middle crease. I like using grey colors, because they help make the eye look more dramatic but not to crazy looking! It’s difficult to do a softer look while using black, so switch to grey and make sure to blend, blend, blend!
  4. The only eyeliner used in this look was a white pencil liner in the waterline of the eye! It gives a great effect of the eyes making them look bigger and more awake! You can add white in your waterline for any makeup trend your heart desires for more benefits to your overall look!
  5. Ending the eyes with Adrell false lashes. Wearing false lashes just by themselves can make a huge beautiful difference with your look, but the key is to choose the right ones for your eye shape! For my  particular eye shape I prefer lashes that fan out at the ends and shorter toward the front of my eye, similar to the ones in the photo! Helpful tip, make sure to test the eyelash out on your eye before applying the glue to them. They come with a tacky glue consistency already attached to the lashes. It is meant for the lashes to stick to the lash line so you can shape them correctly to your eye shape and cut then as needed! False lashes just make everything better, so make sure to spice up your look and try them out! You won’t be disappointed!
  6. Finalizing the look with the two most important features of the entire face, the brows! I am a huge fan of enhancing what you already have! No matter if you have massive eyebrows or not! Enhancing what you have is better than drawing something that doesn’t exist. My advice to you is outline what you have and elongate them slightly to more the corner of your eye to give a more jazzed up effect, but still being you! Brows can make or break the face so don’t use too much tension on your brush or pencil while filling them in and make sure to clean them up afterwards from the excess product with a concealer brush and or sponge, you’ll be happy you did!
  7. Now with the lips I will always love the neutral matte colors trending of social media, but I wanna see more glossy lips! I find them being super sexy, flirty, and fun! So this coming year sass it up and make those lips shine to finish off your glam look! I feel the lips should always be the cherry ontop of a gorgeous face! If you are looking for a super shiny, glossy lip product I would have to say my all time favorite kind is sold at Ulta beauty supply stores shown in the last of the three pictures above! Not sure on what the name of the lipgloss brand is exactly but I know they are sold at Ulta! 

Hopfully these tips will help you create the new year look you’ve been waiting all year to achieve! Remember to have fun, be creative, and love the skin your in! Because let’s face it girls just wanna have fun and look good doing it! Happy New year! Bring it on 2016, we are ready for you!

Beauty trends of 2016, try the look. Champagne Toast-makeup tutorial SOShalClub.