Not Messing Around Margarita

Not messingaround margaritas at www.soshalclub.comI don’t know about you but this girl loves a good margarita! I love them in any shape and form but they better be tasty!

One of my personal favorites is a classic margarita on the rocks. The boozy tartness is so refreshing, it’s something I can sip on all night…or day. So the search was on, create the perfect, amazing margarita. I think I’ve found the balance I was looking for with this recipe, every time I make it, It’s gone in no time at all!

One problem I have with most drink recipes is, “What about my friends?” I can’t be a good hostess and also make 1 drink at a time!  So I need to be able to make a pitcher or more often, a vat of delicious goodness, ASAP!Not Messing Around Margarita! perfect for a party !

Believe me, I love margaritas made with fresh squeezed lime juice but sometimes that’s just not practical, it can be a real pain! So the recipe I’m going to share may not be the most sophisticated drink you’ve ever had, but it’s pretty yummy and even more important, EASY! You also won’t have a mess to clean up because you measure everything with the Limeade can! So all you will need are the ingredients and a 2 quart pitcher. 

Easy, right? So gather up some friends and mix up a pitcher, or two, or three! Party style margaritas, give them a try!

Here is my quickie, go- to recipe: Remember, you can always adjust the amounts of booze to your personal taste, I like mine to have some kick so I always go heavier on the tequila and triple sec, that’s just how I roll….Enjoy!





Not Messing Around Margaritas
A traditional margarita that packs a punch!
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  1. 1- 12 oz. can Limeade- thawed
  2. 2 1/2 cans Water
  3. 1-2 cans mid- grade Tequila (I used Sauza gold)
  4. 3/4 -1 can Triple sec
  5. Lime- cut into wedges
  6. Rimming salt
  1. Cut lime into wedges and set aside.
  2. Open limeade and put into the pitcher, then add 2 1/2 cans of cold water.
  3. Now depending on how strong you like your margaritas, add 1 or 2 cans of tequila. I usually use 2 for the first pitcher to get the party started and then use less if I make a second pitcher. Remember we are using the Limeade can which is 12 ounces, so these drinks have a kick.
  4. Add ¾-1 can of triple sec. Stir well. Done! Easy, right?
  5. You can make these ahead and store in the refrigerator, just stir and serve when ready.
  6. Let’s have one shall we?
  1. An easy way to get the salt to stick to the glass rim is to lightly coat edge, using a lime wedge. When ready rub a lime wedge around the rim of your glass then dip in salt.
  2. Tah-dah now your salt won’t drop off the rim! Add ice and pour in your yummy margarita mixture.If you don’t like a salted rim, I recommend adding a pinch of salt to your drink; this mellows and balances the flavors.
  3. Love margaritas but your stomach doesn’t? Try squeezing a slice of orange into your drink, it mellows the acid and is delicious too!
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Use a lime on the rim to make your salt stick!

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Lightly salt rim…