Must have beauty products for a girl with a champagne taste, beer wallet

Ladies… are welcome!

Because when you try these affordable makeup brands you will be saying Thank you!

I decided to write this blog to help women who would like to rock out their makeup looks, without breaking the bank.

I love expensive, high class beauty products as much as the next girl, but we all know paying your car bill is a little more important than that Dior mascara. But in all honesty that’s how it is for a lot of us out there, we want the best but it just isn’t in our budget! So I want to share a few of my favorite beauty products to take place of the  luxury items we all know and love.

Let’s start off with foundation. My favorite drug store foundation would have to be Loreal True Match! I have to say I like a lot of the Loreal makeup products over other competitors simply because of the feel and consistence of the products. They do not feel cheap in any way, which I enjoy. imagePlus this  foundation has tons of shades to match your skin tone as no one likes an orange mask or ghost hue to their face, Make sure, as you choose your True Match foundation shade, to mimic the shade and tone of your luxury brand as close possible to avoid unflattering hues. I really enjoy how  this product sits on my skin. I have an oily T zone, but I noticed it is not as drastic with this foundation, nor is it heavy looking in any way.  Now these are my views on the product, hopefully your skin will react the same way. But I do encourage you to try and see what you think. This product runs from $6.95 to $7.95 depending on where you purchase it from.

Moving on to under eye concealer, I would have to say my favorite is Covergirl fresh complexion concealer. I was using it for years before I got a big girl check and switched over. I enjoy it because it doesn’t crack or melt down my face. imageIt blends perfectly to my foundation by choosing one tone lighter! As a side note please make sure to get your correct tone! The whole concealer being 10 shades lighter, giving the illusion you forgot to take off your massive aviator sunglasses while tanning is so not okay! This product runs for around $4.95 and is money well spent!

Next up would be the all over face powder. I am still using this product everyday over my luxury foundation and I absolutely love it! imageIt is the Revlon nearly naked pressed powder! It is super light and  feels great on your skin. I love it because it stays matte through out the day and isn’t too heavy. I love it and have been using it for a while now. I definitely recommend it for someone who isn’t looking for too much coverage, just a nice cast over your skin. Product price $7.99.

 I love the highlighted look underneath the eyes for my everyday make up look! imageBut please be careful with it because I have made myself a little too light and in pictures it’s your worst nightmare. So a little goes a long way with this product which is  Rimmel London transparent press powder number “001”. This product gives up to 5 hours natural shine control using natural minerals. It also helps minimize the appearance of pores. It goes for $4.95. Love it!

So, for eye shadows, Almay is good one to tell you about. imageI enjoy the color pallets they put together and the lasting power isn’t bad either. The pigment in the colors could be better but then again if it was it wouldn’t be in drug stores. They usually run for around $5.00.

Now that we are on the subject of Almay, my all time favorite product out of all the products I own would have to be Almay’s liquid eye liner! I stack up on that product as much as possible! imageI am a cat eye freak so this product helps me accomplish that look! I love how it dries matte and stays for hours. It isn’t waterproof but I like it that way, so just a little soap and water and you will be good at the end of your day! It costs around $4.95.  I encourage you to try this one, it’s my biggest makeup weakness.

For mascara I absolutely swear by this one, Loreal Butterfly Affect Intenza!imageAs I said before Loreal  is one of my favorite drugstore products. This mascara really makes me look like I have lashes. Like a ton of lashes! It fans them out for a more dramatic look and I love it! At $9.00,it’s a must have.

And for the eyebrows, I love Maybelline brow drama! It looks scary at first because it’s a mascara wand and more of a liquid consistency. imageTry small strokes on your brows with light product on the wand.  Just make sure to buy your correct shade, looking like Groucho Marx isn’t attractive in any way…unless you’re into that type of thing. At $5.00  this product is a great value.

And lastly the lips! Revlon lipstick is one of my favorites. imageI bought one of their many shades just to try the color out before buying a similar shade in an expensive product and I ended up Loving the brand! Doesn’t dry out my lips and has a good lasting power. $4.97 a pop, go crazy!

I hope these tips will help you broaden your makeup horizons, so you can afford to be fashionable!