DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

 One thing that I love to do when I have the time is crafts. Sometimes they turn out, and others… we just call a “pinterest fail!” Regardless of the turnout, I always get a a sense of satisfaction when I make a DIY on my own. This is a fun and easy fall decoration that you can use as a centerpiece for your table or just to sit on your office desk or wherever you like! 

What You Will Need:

• 18 mason jar lids
• handful of skinny sticks
• twine
• black yarn
• hot glue gun
• metallic gold spray pain

SDIY Mason Jar Lid Gold Spray painttart by spray painting all of your mason jar lids. Coat first side and let dry for an hour. Flip, and spray the other side and wait another hour (I did mine outside on cardboard, see left).

You can go sticks at the craft store BUT you can also go around your backyard and collect your own sticks while your waiting for your lids to dry. I involved the kids by letting them help me collect sticks! Grab about a handful because you will figure out how much you need after the pumpkin is assembled.

Once your lids are dry, make sure they are all facing the same way (top side up). Fish your yarn through each lid, this will make your lids go into a circle. You must be very taunt with the yarn to make sure it is as tight as it can go. Once you have your yarn tightly wrapped around the lids, tie a tight knot and cut off any excess yarn leftover. You will have to move the lids yourself to make sure they are all even in a circle.

Now this is where you will figure out how many sticks you need. In the middle of the mason jar lid ring, start stuffing the sticks in there until you can’t fit anymore. Try to get as many sticks in the ring that you can. Once placed in there than you can trim the sticks to your preferred length.

Grab your twine, wrap it around the bottom of the sticks and tie a bow or a special type of knot that you think will look best.

Finally, flip your pumpkin upside down and add a little hot glue in between the sticks and lids, making sure you wont be able to see any gluDIY Mason Jar Lid Gold Pumpkin with sticks and twinee when flipped upright.

Give that a few seconds to dry, flip the pumpkin back over, and decide where you want to put your new fall decor!

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